Nadia Mukami Explains Her Reasons for Wanting a Second Child with Arrow Boy

Approximately eighteen months after welcoming their first child, Haseeb Kai, Kenyan music artist Nadia Mukami has opened up about her desire to expand her family with her fiancé, Arrow Bwoy.

“I feel like adding another one. He’s growing up so fast. @Haseebkai, this love,” Nadia Mukami posted on Instagram.

The 26-year-old musician recently admitted to feeling significantly intimidated by her son’s rapid development. She shared pictures of Kai on her Instagram, showcasing the boy’s daily growth. Nadia expressed concerns about Kai growing older and potentially seeking privacy, asking her to knock before entering his room, or even telling her that public displays of affection would be embarrassing.

“I fear that he’ll soon say, ‘Mom, please knock,’ or even say, ‘Mom, stop with the kisses, you’re embarrassing me,'” continued Nadia Mukami.

She shared her worry that hearing such requests from her son might evoke overwhelming emotions, possibly leading to tears.

Nadia also hinted at the close bond she shares with Kai, stating, “I’m overwhelmed by love!! Please forgive me if I ever judged a ‘Mama’s Boy!’ I should have known better!!”

The couple had previously experienced the loss of a pregnancy, which would have been their first child.