Diana kumbe alikua video vixen wa ‘KABAHANYE’,Bahati Reveals How He Met & Fell In Love With Diana Marua

In a touching music video brimming with nostalgia, the renowned singer Kevin Kioko, also known as Bahati, has shared the heartwarming tale of how he crossed paths with his beloved wife, Diana Marua.

Bahati fondly recollected his early days as a gospel artist, marked by an ambitious aspiration to feature media personality Tracey Wanjiru in his debut love song’s music video. However, fate had different plans in store for him, as Wanjiru politely declined his proposal.

Reflecting on this momentous encounter, Bahati humorously remarked, “Allow me to recount the serendipitous meeting that led to my love story. At the outset of my journey as a gospel artist, I had crafted my very first love song, and I had set my sights on having the former NTV Teen Republik host, Tracey Wanjiru, grace the video with her presence. She was, in my eyes, the epitome of beauty at that time, but alas, my lack of connections left me at a loss.”

Undeterred by the initial setback, Bahati delved into the circumstances that eventually brought Diana Marua into his life. She was cast as the video vixen for his song titled “Mapenzi.”

Bahati recounted, “Subsequently, a memory stirred within me—a memory of a queen who had shown interest in one of my Instagram posts. We had never crossed paths in person before, so I reached out to Diana Marua, just as I would to any other prospective video vixen. Little did I know that destiny had orchestrated this meeting, and I was gazing upon my future life partner. I had directed numerous music videos in the past, but it was during this particular shoot that God saw fit to unite me with my soulmate.”

Today, Bahati and Diana Marua have been happily married for four years, sharing the joys of parenthood with two lovely children.