"Queen Jane Died Of Depression." Lady Wanja Finally Reveals. -
Queen Jane Died Of Depression." Lady Wanja Finally Reveals
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“Queen Jane Died Of Depression.” Lady Wanja Finally Reveals.

Celebrated Benga Musician, Jane Nyambura, popularly known as Queen Jane died from depression after being in a toxic relationship.

This was confirmed by her sisters, Lady Wanja and Princess Aggie who were speaking during an interview with Monica Kagoni on Metha Ya Kagoni.

After getting married to James Kariuki, Jane started getting sick and notably, started releasing songs Campaigning against rape and family issues.

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“Jane fell sick after she fell into depression. This is after she met a man and made him her husband. He is the one who depressed her till she died,” Lady Wanja said.

“When Jane fell sick, he did not take care of her and even after she was admitted in the hospital, we are the ones who paid her bills,” the sisters said.

They also revealed that James used to beat Queen Jane and also blamed him for Infidelity.

Adding that he missused Jane’s money and even withdrew all her savings from the bank.

“We knew she was depressed and even before she died, we had plans of taking her abroad.”

Queen Jane died in 2010 at the St. Mary’s Hospital, Nairobi after suffering a long illness.

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