“Madem wenu Wamekulwa Kwa Hii Industry Si Mchezo” Mother-In-Law Actor Ras Opens Up 

Actor John Githui, also known as Ras from the popular Kenyan TV show “Mother-In-Law,” recently shed light on the prevalent issue of sexual exploitation within Kenya’s film industry. During an interview with Plug TV, the seasoned actor discussed the challenges of exploitation, focusing on both sexual and financial aspects.

While Ras himself admitted to not personally experiencing such situations, he acknowledged that many others, particularly women, have faced exploitation. He shared insights into the disturbing trend of individuals, especially aspiring female talents, encountering sexual exploitation in exchange for opportunities within the industry.

Ras explained that some directors expect individuals to comply with their demands, and refusal to do so can result in missed opportunities and professional setbacks. He noted instances where artists in the television sector might face conditional offers, where a portion of their payment is expected to be shared or forfeited. If one declines, the director simply seeks someone else willing to accept the conditions.

Moreover, Ras expressed regret over the financial struggles that many actors face, emphasizing that the meager pay they receive from the film industry contributes to their financial hardships. He highlighted the stark contrast between the earnings of actors in the past and the significantly reduced compensation in the present, characterizing it as a challenging time for artists.

According to Ras, some actors resort to seeking financial assistance through online platforms. However, he clarified that this is not always due to dire necessity but can be a strategic move to tap into the support they believe their fan base can provide.

Reflecting on his personal journey in the industry, Ras shared his deep passion for theater since childhood. He recounted his entry into the industry through an audition in 1998, leading to his first stage performance. Over the years, he has accumulated almost 25 years of experience, including roles in a BBC film and the long-running TV series “Mother-In-Law.”

In conclusion, Ras’s revelations shed light on the challenges faced by artists in Kenya’s film industry, including the distressing issue of sexual exploitation and the financial hardships that many actors endure.