” Gari ni ya Loan hii” Mulamwah Exposed After Flaunting His Brand New Mercedes Benz.

Renowned Kenyan comedian and content creator, who doubles as a radio presenter at Milele FM, found himself at the center of controversy following revelations by TikToker Senje Mwenyewe.

This revelation unfolded shortly after Mulamwah proudly displayed his latest acquisition, a brand-new Mercedes Benz E Class, asserting full ownership of the sleek vehicle.

However, Senje Mwenyewe alleges otherwise. She claims to possess evidence suggesting that the car is not solely Mulamwah’s property. According to Senje, a well-known betting company, for which Mulamwah does advertising, partially owns the car. She asserts that the betting company is the legal owner of the vehicle, which they provided to Mulamwah on loan. Senje further contends that many celebrities possess cars acquired through similar loan arrangements. Thus, she urges people to refrain from succumbing to online pressures and instead focus on diligent work.

Despite these revelations, Mulamwah is widely recognized for his hard work and success. He is currently leading a lavish lifestyle, evident from his ongoing construction of a multimillion mansion in his village. Financially stable, Mulamwah appears capable of managing any loan obligations associated with his car.