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One renowned couple who actively shares their lives through social media is Diana Marua and her husband Bahati. They have built a genuine connection with their fans by openly discussing their marital challenges, making them more relatable to their audience.

Their primary platform for connecting with their followers is Diana Marua’s YouTube channel called “Diana Bahati,” where she regularly uploads videos capturing her everyday life.

Recently, they collaborated on a video together and posted it on YouTube. In the video, Bahati expressed his belief that women should expect daily attention and care from their husbands, and he emphasized that Diana should attend to him accordingly.

While Bahati considers this attention to be the glue that holds their relationship together, Diana holds a different perspective. She finds it challenging to fully commit to Bahati’s idea due to her busy schedule with content creation and other household tasks, especially while also taking care of their young child.

During the video, Diana playfully asked Bahati if her body ran on fuel, humorously alluding to her seemingly boundless energy in managing her various responsibilities. She also brought up her discomfort with Bahati’s request for daily attention shortly after giving birth and during her recovery period.

Overall, the couple’s willingness to share their marital ups and downs on social media contributes to their authenticity and relatability, making them a favorite among their followers.