Pritty Vishy: Stivo Simple Boy alikua mjinga Bongolala kabisaa, hakua anajua hata kutumia whatsapp na mpesa , hadi kuniguza hawezi.

Stivo Simple, formerly romantically involved with Pritty Vishy, faced public criticism when his ex-girlfriend labeled him as a “dump head man.” The basis for this accusation stemmed from Stivo’s apparent lack of proficiency in using basic and common items.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, Pritty Vishy disclosed that during Stivo’s challenging days in Kayole, he didn’t even possess a WhatsApp account. This deficiency was attributed to Stivo’s unfamiliarity with the application, as he struggled to comprehend its usage. Allegedly, his previous management had cautioned him that adopting WhatsApp could impede his progress.

Pritty further asserted that she played a pivotal role in teaching Stivo how to navigate Mpesa. She highlighted instances where Stivo, lacking the necessary know-how, would divulge his private information to Mpesa attendants, leading to him making transactions at random Mpesa locations.

Pritty Vishy went on to suggest that Stivo’s perceived illiteracy was exploited by his previous management. According to her, they took advantage of his lack of proficiency, contributing to his alleged misuse within the entertainment industry.