Akothee Happily Reveals That She Has Finally Found Out Why Her Marriages Dont Always Last For More Than 6 Months

Akothee, the resilient Kenyan bongo musician, has frequently found herself in the public eye due to her past failed marriages and relationships. Recently, she took to her Facebook page to share insights on narcissistic behavior and its detrimental impact on relationships.

In her video, Akothee pointed out the characteristic traits of narcissists, emphasizing their tendency to play the victim, avoid apologizing, and ultimately sabotage relationships. She raised a thought-provoking question about the prevalence of relationships ending after just six months, attributing it to the influence of narcissistic behavior.

Akothee delved into the reasons behind the inability of narcissists to sustain healthy relationships over an extended period. She highlighted their engagement in gaslighting, constant questioning of their partner’s worth, and their role in causing breakdowns in communication.

The musician also touched upon the habitual lying and underlying low self-esteem that often plague narcissists, leading their partners to unfairly shoulder the blame within the relationship.

Expressing gratitude for the internet’s role in bringing awareness to this issue, Akothee acknowledged its assistance in helping individuals trapped in challenging marriages to recognize the harsh reality. She concluded her message by encouraging her followers to actively seek genuine love and view the moment as an opportunity to break free from toxic relationships.