Felicity: I partied not knowing I was pregnant

Thee Pluto’s bae Felicity says she has never experienced morning sickness.

Talking on her YouTube channel she shared

“You expect things like nausea and vomiting. I only vomited once and it was because I had not eaten.

It is not as extreme as some people go through.”

Inquired as to whether she has any gender inclination, Felicity shared

“I suspect it’s a boy because I hear people say boy pregnancies are easy, but it can also be a girl.

For me, I would want a baby girl.”

Felicity says google has proved to be useful for her given she is a first-time mum.

” I google a lot because as a first-time mum I did not want to take something that would affect the baby.

I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks.”

Felicity said she began her antenatal, the day she confirmed she was pregnant.
” The doctor told me I have low blood levels.

I used to wonder why but I realized I was eating a lot of junk and it wasn’t helping.

I am now intentional about eating healthy.”

Prior to figuring out she was expectant Felicity used to spend time with her friends and that implied drinking and partying.

That has anyway changed.

“I feel great.

I stopped going to clubs ’cause I couldn’t take shots, I would only take Delmonte and that aroused people’s suspicions.”

Felicity said she was not psychologically prepared for the little blessing coming their way.

“Nilikuwa najua already niko na ball ata before doing the test, but I was not like prepared psychologically for it, but then afterward I was like a baby is also a blessing,” she noted.

Pluto, on the other hand, was content creator however on start, he was befuddled in the wake of getting a photograph of the pregnancy test on Whats App, with no explanation.

“Wewe ni mwanaume, umetumiwa picha ya hiyo strip, mwanaume utajuaje? Mimi nangoja uniambie kitu iko ama haiko,” he humorously remarked.