Lexsil and Jovial Release a song ‘Don’t Give Up’ Featuring Tyler Mbaya and wife Georgina

Kenyan musicians Jovial and Lexsil have recently released a compelling new song titled “Don’t Give Up,” featuring Tyler Mbaya and Georgina Njenga. This heartfelt composition aims to inspire couples to remain resilient and provide unwavering support to one another during challenging times.

The accompanying music video depicts a couple navigating a rough patch in their relationship. Despite their difficulties, they reassure each other of their love and make a solemn vow to never abandon each other, regardless of the circumstances they face.

This empowering track holds a significant place in Lexsil’s six-track project, “Love & Vibes,” where it stands as the third captivating offering.

In a twist of events, the official video release followed closely after Tyler Mbaya found himself embroiled in controversy. It was revealed that Tyler had borrowed money from individuals and used it for gambling purposes.

Nurse Judy, in an exposé, shed light on Tyler’s situation, as he claimed to require the funds for rent and to support his one-year-old child. However, things took a different turn when Georgina Njenga disclosed that she single-handedly takes care of all the expenses, shedding light on Tyler’s gambling issue.

Shortly after, Georgina unfollowed the popular actor from the TV show “Machachari” on Instagram, leaving fans to speculate about the current state of their relationship.

While some fans expressed the view that Georgina should have supported Tyler in the same way he did when her explicit videos were leaked online, the situation has raised questions about the dynamics of their partnership.