“YESU Hawezi Tembea!” – Yesu wa Tongaren’s wife asks Kenyans to buy him a car -

“YESU Hawezi Tembea!” – Yesu wa Tongaren’s wife asks Kenyans to buy him a car

Nabii Benjamin, the wife of Bungoma-based preacher Eliud Wekesa, popularly known as Yesu wa Tongaren, has made a plea to well-wishers and influential individuals in Kenya to support her husband by providing him with a car.

During a conversation with reporters at their home, Benjamin stressed the significance of the support from Kenyan citizens and leaders in assisting her husband’s ministry through the provision of a car.

She pointed out that while transportation has advanced in the present day, and despite Jesus traveling by donkey during his time, it would be fair for Yesu wa Tongaren to have a car to aid him in his mission.

As a mother of eight, she emphasized the challenges her husband faces when traveling to different regions to assist the local communities. Due to his fame, he attracts attention wherever he goes, making it difficult for him to reach the market or respond promptly to the needs of the people.

Benjamin believes that by providing Yesu wa Tongaren with a car, he would be able to carry out his ministry more effectively, reaching a broader audience and providing assistance more swiftly.

She stated, “I would like to appeal to our leaders to consider this: In the holy bible, Jesus visited places while riding a donkey. Yet, in this era, Yesu wa Tongaren cannot even walk a few meters to the marketplace because he is well-known. However, people have moved beyond donkeys to cars. Buying him a car would be a great support if you want him to serve you efficiently.”

In a recent development, Yesu wa Tongaren received an expensive smartphone as a gift a few weeks ago. The self-proclaimed messiah and his wife, Nabii Benjamin, expressed their joy as they received this state-of-the-art device.

The moment was captured in a TikTok video, where content creator Vincent Mboya presented the smartphone to Yesu and Nabii. Mboya shared their excitement as he unboxed the phone and provided them with a brief tutorial on its operation.

Followers of Yesu wa Tongaren, who strongly believe in his divine presence, celebrated and eagerly anticipated their messiah’s imminent entry into the online community.