Viral Song ‘ Cash Crop ya Nyandarua ni Mawaru’ Deleted From YouTube

The popular viral song “Rieng Genje,” known for its catchy lyrics like “Cash crop ya Nyandarua ni Mawaru,” “Kaveve kazoze,” and “unibebe hadi mbere ya kerende,” has unfortunately been removed from YouTube.

This song, created by the talented Spider Clan and featuring the trending gengetone artist Ngesh bad gal wa Vasha, was taken down from YouTube due to a copyright claim made by an unknown producer.

During an interview with 2mbili TV, Ngesh expressed her confusion about the situation, stating that they have never collaborated with the producer in question and have no knowledge of their identity. She also mentioned that they created the YouTube account using one of their brother’s cell phones, and no one outside their group has access to the login details.

2mbili shared his disappointment at someone claiming copyright for a song that had already gained viral status. At the time of its removal, the song had amassed over 300k views on YouTube.

“Rieng Genje” by Spider Clan is an incredibly infectious and lively song that beautifully showcases the group’s talent and creativity. The song effortlessly blends elements of hip hop, dancehall, and afrobeat, resulting in a distinctive and vibrant sound that appeals to a wide audience. The lyrics are clever and amusing, reflecting the group’s self-assuredness and pride in their unique style and culture.

In an effort to restore the song on YouTube, content creator 2mbili assured Ngesh that he would do his best to track down the producer responsible for the copyright claim.