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Notorious Fake Prophet Opens Classes for Willing Citizens on How to Perform Miracles, Charges Sh 166k per Course

Renowned British-Zimbabwean pastor, Uebert Angel Mudzanire, has sparked controversy with his recent revelation about launching an online course centered on performing miracles.

The course, priced at £999 (approximately KSh 166,800), pledges to impart the skills of manifesting signs, miracles, and wonders directly from Prophet Uebert Angel himself.

In a Facebook post, Pastor Uebert urged interested individuals to secure their spots swiftly, underscoring the rapid filling of available slots.

Scheduled to run from April 1 to April 3, 2024, participants can enroll through the pastor’s designated website.

The announcement elicited a spectrum of reactions, ranging from curiosity and eagerness to skepticism and apprehension.

Some were captivated by the opportunity to explore the supernatural domain and deepen their comprehension of miracles. Conversely, others raised ethical concerns regarding instructing individuals in miracle-working, drawing parallels to biblical accounts and expressing doubts about the course’s alignment with religious precepts.

One commentator likened the course to the biblical narrative of Simon the sorcerer, while another queried the relevance of individuals acquiring the skill of performing miracles in contemporary times.