Krg The Don: My Lastborn Son Is Richer Than Harmonize, Hata Nilale Miaka Kumi Hakuna Msani Tanzania Atawai Nishinda Hela.

Kenyan dancehall artist and accomplished entrepreneur, Krg The Don, has recently joined the ranks of Kenyan celebrities who are engaging in criticism and disparagement of Tanzanian musicians and their music industry.

During an interview with Spm Buzz, Krg The Don launched into a critique of the Tanzanian industry, specifically targeting Harmonize. This came in response to Harmonize’s assertion of wealth and success at a young age.

Krg The Don asserted that, in terms of affluence, his young son Naem surpasses Harmonize. According to Krg The Don, he possesses multimillion-dollar properties, the value of which, when converted to Tanzanian currency, could sustain the entire lifestyle of Tanzanian artists.

The artist contended that the cars flaunted by Harmonize online were allegedly acquired illegally from South Africa, as Tanzanians face challenges importing new vehicles from abroad due to the devaluation of the Tanzanian currency against the dollar.

Further, Krg mocked the entire Tanzanian music industry by stating that, even if he were to remain inactive for a decade, no Tanzanian musician could surpass his wealth. According to him, Tanzanian artists focus primarily on branding and clout chasing. Despite appearing prosperous in Tanzania, when in Kenya, they reportedly fail to match his standards. With confidence, Krg The Don asserted his status as a highly successful business mogul, predicting that within a year, he would become the wealthiest musician in Africa.