“Kwani Samidoh Alimpiga?” Karen Nyamu Talks After Her Black Eye Photo Goes Viral

Karen Nyamu vehemently denies the allegations made by internet users claiming that she had suffered a severe assault leading to a black eye.

In an effort to address the rumors, Samidoh’s former partner took to social media and conducted a live session to clarify the situation, displaying unwavering confidence in the face of public opinions.

Responding to the viral photograph in which she was seen wearing a khaki uniform and a cap, sparking speculations about a concealed black eye, Nyamu explained the context, stating, “The picture was taken in Nyeri during a scouts and girl guides event… Some individuals are mocking gender-based violence, particularly those who hold animosity towards me.”

Karen Nyamu went on to call out women who exploit the issue of gender-based violence as a means to settle personal scores with her. She underscored the gravity of this pervasive problem, affecting countless women in Kenya and Africa as a whole.

Making her stance clear, Karen firmly asserted that she would not remain silent if she ever faced any form of violence, expressing, “I cannot keep quiet…”

Expressing her surprise, the nominated senator expressed her astonishment upon discovering the accusations in the comments section.

Upon confronting the individual who was accused of assaulting her, Karen was advised to ignore the rumors on social media, treating the matter like others in the past. However, she resolutely stated that she could not disregard the issue of gender-based violence.

Karen Nyamu categorically denied being a victim of assault and revealed that she was actually in Naivasha attending a Mugithi event, where her child’s father, Samidoh, was performing.

Addressing the situation further, she emphasized, “I was present at the Mugithi night yesterday, and those who attended can verify that. There was no violence; it was a delightful evening.”

Continuing her statement, she stressed, “I have not been subjected to any physical harm, and if I had, I would be here shedding tears and causing a scene because I cannot conceal bruises. I would never remain silent about such a matter.”