“Namhurumia Sana” Stevo Simple  Boy’s Wife Reveals He Is Suffering In Silence

According to a 23-year-old woman named Grace, who is married to the rapper Stevo Simple Boy, the management company Men In Business (MIB) is causing him a lot of stress. She describes Stevo as a humble and afraid person who finds it difficult to speak out about his problems.

Grace explains that they have been married for one year, but they have known each other for four years. It was only after they started living together that she discovered the troubles Stevo was going through. She reveals that Stevo lacks control over his own money and social media accounts.

According to Grace, Stevo’s manager, known as Vaga, is the source of his stress. She claims that everything, including Stevo’s finances and social media, is managed by the manager. When Grace checks Stevo’s phone to view his balance, she finds very little money, and if she asks for even a small amount, Stevo tells her that he doesn’t have it and that his manager is in control of his funds. She also mentions that they sometimes struggle to have enough food in the house.

Furthermore, Grace states that the manager is not fulfilling their agreement to take care of Stevo’s expenses. It appears that Stevo is not even aware of how much money he earns from platforms like YouTube.

Grace attempted to discuss the issue with Stevo’s manager, but it resulted in arrogance and a breakdown in communication between them.

Feeling sorry for Stevo, Grace has decided to make the situation public so that Kenyans can help him. She also wants Stevo to leave Men In Business (MIB) altogether.