Flaqo and Keranta Celebrates Third Anniversary After Years Of Denying The Relationship

As Kenyan comedian, Flaqo (Mama Otis) and content creator, Keranta, celebrate their third anniversary, they share heartfelt messages for each other on social media. Flaqo expresses his gratitude for Keranta as a God-given gift and the most understanding and forgiving person in his life. He reflects on the ups and downs of their relationship, but thanks God for bringing them together. Keranta, on the other hand, appreciates Flaqo as her actual type of person, despite being cringy and embarrassing.

Fans are surprised to learn that the two have been together for three years, as in previous interviews, Flaqo had always referred to Keranta as just a friend and work colleague under the same management.

Congratulations to Flaqo and Keranta on their milestone anniversary. May they continue to enjoy a lifetime of happy anniversaries.