Betty Kyallo: I Quitted My Job , Took All My Savings To Invest in Flair By Betty .

Betty Mutei Kyallo, a prominent figure in both the business world and Kenyan public life, made a notable transition from her role as a media personality to entrepreneurship within the beauty industry.

Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Betty took a bold step by leaving her position as a news anchor at Mediamax’s K24 to pursue her entrepreneurial ambitions. She ventured into the beauty sector with the launch of Flair by Betty, a high-end beauty spa with aspirations of becoming a leading brand in the industry. Supported by notable personalities like Jalang’o and other celebrities, Flair by Betty garnered significant attention and anticipation.

Betty’s decision to invest her lifelong savings into Flair by Betty during such uncertain times underscored her willingness to take risks for her entrepreneurial vision. However, as time progressed, the business faced mounting difficulties. By 2024, Flair by Betty found itself in dire straits, with the spa on the brink of closure and assets being auctioned off due to substantial rent arrears amounting to approximately Ksh. 1.5 million.

In response to the challenges encountered, Betty Kyallo acknowledged the harsh realities of operating a business in Kenya’s competitive landscape. Despite her efforts, she ultimately made the difficult decision to relinquish control of Flair by Betty. She expressed a sense of resignation, recognizing that managing the spa had become increasingly burdensome amidst evolving business conditions. Betty has since shifted her focus to other business endeavors, acknowledging the demanding nature of entrepreneurship and the need to adapt to changing circumstances.