Mungai Eve hires a Personal Chef, says she hates cooking

Youtuber Mungai Eve recently disclosed that she employs a personal chef, a revelation that has sparked a range of opinions among her followers.

Numerous individuals questioned the rationale behind a person of her age opting to hire someone for culinary duties. Mungai Eve, however, addressed these inquiries by stating that she lacks a passion for cooking and prefers dining out frequently.

The designated chef caters to both Mungai and her significant other, Director Trevor.

Mungai is part of a cohort of celebrities who unapologetically embrace a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle, as they ponder the purpose of their wealth.

In a similar vein, Size and DJ Mo candidly shared their domestic arrangements in the past, disclosing the employment of three nannies to handle various responsibilities.

During an interview with Oga Obinna, DJ Mo clarified that their three house helps each have distinct roles, thereby avoiding conflicts of interest. The duties range from household chores to childcare, with one nanny specifically serving as a teacher for their children.

“We have three house helps. There is one for house chores, one for the children who also serves as their teacher. She has a diploma and is their teacher, exclusively. She does not engage in any other tasks. Additionally, there is one who comes daily,” DJ Mo explained.

Furthermore, Vera, another public figure, disclosed that she employs four nannies. Addressing criticism from netizens regarding her extended absence from her young son, she explained that her mother and brother are present in the house, and the nannies play a crucial role in caring for the children. Vera also emphasized the use of CCTV cameras throughout her home, facilitating regular video calls and providing her with a sense of reassurance about her children’s well-being during her travels.