Kenyans Badly Roast Ndindi Nyoro Over His ‘Double Standard’ Fuel Price Remark.

Kenyans have decried the sudden increase of fuel prices in the country announced by Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority on Tuesday.

EPRA increased fuel prices by 13 shillings despite a decrease in the landing cost of super petrol and diesel by 0.72% and 4.81% respectively while kerosene was up by 0.96%.

Commenting on the issue, Kiharu MP, Ndindi Nyoro found himself being trolled by Kenyans who accused him of applying double standards while criticizing the government.

This corrupt and insensitive regime continues to take Kenyans for granted by blatantly increasing the cost of living at such a time. The prices of Petroleum products that literally run our Economy are at unpredictable prices – most of which are taxes to meet Bretton Woods conditions, loans have choked our economy, state Capture has concentrated all economic gains to two or three families.

Kenyans must act soon. Our transport sector has been put between a rock and a hard place. This regime must reconsider the recent price adjustments. Don’t test our patience!

Nyoro stated.

His rremarks were however received by angry Kenyans who were not impressed with his observations and were seemingly waiting for the oportune moment to vent their anger on the legislator.

Here are some of the reactions;

MP is online ranting like the poor villagers,

Robert Alai said.

Shame on you Ndindi for taking Kenyans to be ignoramuses. You are in the same regime that looted Eurobond loans with RT now in UDA. Kenyans are in hardships coz of this corrupt regime Kenya has ever hard.

A follower said.

This vcome few hours after the Matatu Association said that they will increase the fare charges due to the high cost of petroleum and diesel.