Former Inooro TV Anchor Winrose Wangui Accused of Using Failed Marriage for Publicity by Ex-Husband

Winrose Wangui, a former anchor for Inooro TV, has recently faced accusations from her ex-husband, Rueben Musee. He claims that Wangui is leveraging their failed marriage to garner attention and market her products.

Wangui and Musee married in a lavish ceremony in April 2017, but their marriage crumbled just two months later, a situation that profoundly impacted Wangui.

The split was particularly tough on Wangui, who was heavily pregnant at the time. She has alleged that verbal abuse from Musee played a significant role in their separation.

Navigating the challenges of single motherhood, Wangui was stunned when Musee remarried merely three months after their breakup, quickly starting a new family.

Following their separation, Wangui has publicly shared her divorce story on various media platforms. While her narrative of resilience and personal triumph has struck a chord with many, it has also drawn criticism from Musee.

Musee has voiced his irritation over her continued references to their past relationship, urging her to move on and focus on her present life. “Same story for seven years. It would be better if you spoke about your current relationship,” he remarked.

He believes Wangui is exploiting their failed marriage to elicit sympathy and create content to promote her products.

Musee criticized her for consistently bringing up their past whenever she launches a new project. “If you must talk about marriage, speak of the current one, or is there nothing interesting about it? Move on, madam,” he asserted.