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Drama in Maragua as lovers get stuck while in a steamy session.

There was drama in Maragua on Thursday, June 9 after a man and a woman got stuck together while having s€x.

The two, James Irungu 32 and Ann Njambi 28 on the said day were seen entering Irungu’s bedsitter few minutes to 7pm and appeared drunk.

According to reports, neighbors heard some weird sounds coming from the bedsitter and upon peeping through the window, which had been left open, behold was a sight to talk about for the next few weeks.

Irungu could beel seen trying to disentangle himself from Njambi, who was screaming in pain.

The two struggled and managed to open the door and Njambi confessed that she was married.

It is hear that the neighbors decide to call her husband who revealed that he had charmed Njambi because he had been suspicious of her.

The husband agreed to disentangle the two but only if Irungu could pay him Ksh 40,000.

Few hours after Irungu was disentangled from the honeypot, he was seen vacating the apartment in shame.

It is not yet know whether Njambi returned to his husband’s home.