Kisumu Man Returns From Abroad Finds Wife Having An Affair With his Business Partner

A Kisumu County resident, John Mark, is currently grappling with emotional turmoil after discovering that his spouse is engaged in an extramarital affair. The 30-year-old reportedly unraveled this painful truth upon returning from a year-long stint abroad.

Before embarking on his overseas job opportunity, John had set up a thriving business for his wife to manage in his absence. However, upon his return, he was devastated to learn that his wife had been involved in an affair with a man she had introduced to him as a business partner.

“I returned and received information from undisclosed sources that my wife has been cohabiting with another man in our matrimonial home,” revealed John.

When confronted, his wife admitted to the affair with the aforementioned man, confessing that the relationship began shortly after John’s departure. The couple, who have been married for three years and have a child, now grapples with the challenges posed by this unexpected betrayal.