Kameme FM Presenter Katta Side Hustle That Ended in Tears
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Kameme FM Presenter Katta Side Hustle That Ended in Tears

Kameme FM radio’s Katta has at last revealed how his side hustle worth thousands ended up in premium tears.

On a long post on his Facebook page, Katta has revealed that last year he chose to do farming as his side hustle. Putting in mind that at the top of the priority list is food and everybody must required, he was sure of high returns.

He began with 10 acres of land where he divided it into 3 sections. On the first 5 acres of land he did potatoes, cabbage on 3 acres and carrots on the 2 remaining. After some months the crops were ready for reap.

The presenter said that he met his greatest shock when selling his produce. The costs at the shamba left him exceptionally heartbroken.

As indicated by Katta, a big cabbage was going for Ksh 5, a huge sack of carrots for Ksh 400 which was discouraging. Be that as it may, potatoes were selling at Ksh 1,500 for the little sack which was a decent price.

Seeing that potatoes had a decent return, Katta chose to plant them on the 10 acres of land expecting that the same will happen

However, shockingly, a potatoes law was passed by the Parliament. The sack of potatoes he was selling at Ksh 1,500 is now going for Ksh 300. He added that his potatoes are as yet in the farm anticipating at the cost to stabilize.

His cry is to the ministry of Agriculture to mediate on the circumstance. He requested the government at least to buy the farm products from the farmers who works tirelessly at a good price adding that the food can be used by the government to donate in regions struck by draught.

Katta revealed that he better give out the potatoes to those starving than selling them at Ksh 300.