“Sipendi Wajaluo” Aisha Jumwa explains why -

“Sipendi Wajaluo” Aisha Jumwa explains why

Cabinet Secretary for Public Service, Affirmative Action, and Gender in Kenya, Aisha Jumwa, has made public statements expressing her displeasure with the Luo Nyanza region and its people, claiming that they hinder the country’s progress whenever it strives to move forward.

The politician has called upon President William Ruto to eliminate opposition leader Raila Odinga, asserting that Odinga’s removal would signify the end of a perceived tyranny.

Aisha Jumwa has vehemently criticized the ongoing nationwide protests against the government, squarely attributing blame to the Luo community.

“President William Ruto should put an end to this individual because he has been a hindrance to the nation’s development. Recently, you witnessed how he used his Luo supporters to destroy valuable property, even uprooting roads in Mlolongo,” remarked Aisha Jumwa.

In Aisha Jumwa’s perspective, a Kenya without Raila Odinga and the Luo community would make significant strides in terms of development.