Yesu wa Tongaren Opens Up On Being Ready To Be Crucified

Bungoma-based self-proclaimed Messiah, Yesu wa Tongaren, has recently made a startling declaration, expressing his willingness to undergo crucifixion. This decision follows threats from certain Tongaren residents who vowed to carry out the crucifixion during the upcoming Easter holidays.

In an interview with an online media outlet, Yesu wa Tongaren delved into biblical verses, emphasizing that there exists no scriptural reference indicating a second crucifixion of Jesus. Asserting his familiarity with the scriptures, he pointed out that none of the passages concerning the second coming of Jesus allude to a repetition of the crucifixion event.

When pressed about his readiness to face crucifixion, Yesu wa Tongaren appeared hesitant. Though he neither confirmed nor denied his willingness, his demeanor suggested apprehension. He continually referenced biblical verses, maintaining his stance that he would not engage in anything contrary to scripture.

Subsequently, the interviewer sought the opinions of Tongaren residents regarding the matter. Boldly, the residents affirmed their intent to carry out the crucifixion of Yesu wa Tongaren during the Easter period. Some justified their actions by likening it to Jesus’ sacrifice for their sins, insisting that Yesu wa Tongaren must similarly atone for their transgressions through crucifixion.

“Indeed, this Yesu wa Tongaren claims he’s ready for crucifixion; well, we are equally prepared to crucify him on Easter,” remarked one resident.

“Jesus died for our sins, so Yesu wa Tongaren must die for us too. We’ll crucify him whether he agrees or not. Even if he goes to the police, we must prove he’s the real Jesus,” added another.

The sentiment among those interviewed regarding Yesu wa Tongaren was overwhelmingly skeptical. Many discredited his claims of being the true Jesus, alleging that he had indoctrinated his followers.