Kenya Airways Suspends all Flights To Kinshasa After Detention Of Its Staff

Kenya Airways (KQ) has made the decision to halt all flights to Kinshasa starting from April 30th, 2024, as a form of protest against the detention of its personnel by the Military Intelligence Unit.

In a recent announcement, KQ expressed its inability to ensure effective support for flights to Kinshasa without its staff members. The airline emphasized the challenging nature of this decision and highlighted the necessity to suspend operations until proper support could be reinstated.

The ongoing detention of KQ employees has significantly impeded the airline’s ability to oversee various operations in Kinshasa, including customer service, ground handling, cargo activities, and ensuring overall operational safety and efficiency. Consequently, KQ has found it imperative to temporarily suspend flights to the region.

Moreover, Kenya Airways has urged for the dignified and immediate release of its detained employees. The airline has assured affected customers that contingency measures are in place to minimize any inconvenience resulting from the flight suspension. Customers have been advised to reach out to the customer excellence team through available channels for assistance.

Furthermore, KQ has reiterated its commitment to collaborating with investigating agencies and pertinent government bodies in both the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Kenya to address the situation. The airline remains steadfast in its efforts to secure the release of its innocent staff members, allowing them to reunite with their families and resume normalcy in their lives.