Daddy Owen: “Napatia Wasichana wenu wakenya Sleepless Nights” Wakitaka Niwaoe

Daddy Owen, a prominent gospel artist in Kenya, recently shared his preference for marrying a woman from the village who embodies good values. In local slang, such women are often affectionately referred to as “Kienyejiii Pro Max.”

After revealing his inclination, a multitude of women have expressed their interest in being Daddy Owen’s life partner. As one of the most prosperous musicians in Kenya’s gospel music scene, Daddy Owen is seen as a highly sought-after match.

In an interview with Presenter Ali, Owen disclosed that he receives more than 500 direct messages (DMs) on a daily basis. Within a mere two days, he had received over 1000 DMs, all consisting of marriage proposals from Kenyan women. Owen emphasized that he is not taking advantage of anyone; rather, he is genuinely discerning about the qualities he values in a potential life partner, and he will carefully choose the best-suited “Kienyejii.”