KBC anchour Goes nuts poste photos naked and tells men to fab

You may have seen the s3xxy siren earlier on your TV
screens. Elizabeth Irungu may have quit your screen but
she is that dirty chick who looks into all sorts of
attention. She posted the above photos and the caption
below last night Goodnite friends! oh if u think i’m “over-exposed” in this pic,plz don’t waste
ur 5mb okoa bundles ukinitusi hapa coz me nikona
unlimited wi-fi kwa keja utakuwa unaji-uumiza bure boss!
I can abuse you till morning bila gharama so fanya

hesabu yako poa! Kuwa mjanja! wink emoticon The most
logical thing to do is JUST UNFRIEND or BLOCK ME ndio ata to create room for the 893 pending friend requests
that i have! Thanks! kiss emoticon  mwah! Sweet dreams! #Pic_taken_just_now #TeamMafisi Mkoapi? She needs a mtree whose gonna
give it up to her?

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