Manzi Wa Kibera Set To Get Her Late Boyfriend’s Tattoo As Memory

Manzi Wa Kibera expressed her deep affection for her late boyfriend, Peter Nzioki, fondly known as Mzee Kijana, during an exclusive interview with journalists at City Mortuary. She shared the profound pain she felt at his sudden passing, emphasizing her enduring love for the 67-year-old man.

In a heartfelt tribute to honor their cherished bond, Manzi Wa Kibera disclosed her intention to commemorate their relationship with a tattoo. Despite her apprehension about the pain of tattooing, she expressed a desire to opt for an artificial tattoo to preserve the memory of their love without enduring physical discomfort. She emphasized her willingness to have the tattoo placed anywhere on her body.

Additionally, she revealed her plans to preserve certain clothing items belonging to her late boyfriend, intending to keep them as mementos rather than donating them to those in need. Specifically, she mentioned a T-shirt sewn by both her and Mzee Kijana, which she intends to frame, along with the clothes she wore during their time together, which she wishes to bury him in.

Reflecting on their relationship, Manzi Wa Kibera praised Mzee Kijana as a loving partner who played a significant role in shaping her public persona, both on social media and beyond. Their relationship garnered attention in early 2023 when she publicly declared her love for him, citing his humility and understanding of young women.

Tragically, their time together was cut short by Mzee Kijana’s passing after a brief illness over the weekend. Currently, his body rests at City Mortuary, leaving Manzi Wa Kibera to grapple with the loss of her beloved partner.