“I Can Only Date Men Who Earn More Than Ksh90,000” – Reporter Who Asked Alfred Mutua For His Number

On November 9, 2022, the journalist had the privilege of being among the invited media personalities at State House Nairobi during an official state event. President William Ruto presided over the occasion, with the notable presence of South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa.

During her time at State House, Jackson seized the opportunity to greet Mutua when she unexpectedly ran into him. After a brief conversation with the Foreign Affairs CS, she boldly requested his phone number, which he happily provided.

The incident caught the attention of many and quickly became viral. In response to the online mentions, Liz Jackson simply tweeted, “Take risks.”

In an interview with Nation, Jackson opened up about her relationship status, revealing that she was currently single. She went on to share her criteria for an ideal partner.

“I am single, unless there happens to be a billionaire who desires me at this very moment. My ideal man must earn a higher income than I do, possess a reliable car, and own a suburban house. Additionally, he should demonstrate generosity,” Liz stated.

“While it’s true that money isn’t everything, I still desire a partner who earns more than Ksh90,000. After all, Ksh90,000 merely covers my rent. However, let me clarify that the way this person treats me is more important than their wealth. Having considerable financial resources does not grant them control over me. I aspire to pursue my dreams and become the best version of myself