Azziad’s Manager Reveals That The Gorgeous Tiktoker Got Over 50k Hate Messages After Going Viral

When Azziad went viral, her manager reported that she received over 50,000 hate messages on WhatsApp.

Azziad Nasenya, well acquainted with the darker side of internet fame, faced incessant harassment from trolls once her popularity soared.

Taking charge of Azziad’s brand management post the public release of her phone number, her manager stepped in to shield her from the onslaught. Despite the negativity, Azziad remains resilient, unfazed by the hostility surrounding her.

It’s disheartening to witness Azziad being subjected to such negativity at the outset of her career. Unfortunately, she’s not alone in facing such unwarranted hostility.

The depths of human cynicism seem boundless. How could someone gather a group of strangers solely to spew hatred? Yet, amidst it all, Azziad’s remarkable spirit shines through; her detractors fail to tarnish her character.

Success often attracts envy, a sentiment as old as humanity itself, echoed in the tale of Abel and Cain. Jealousy remains a destructive force, perennial and pervasive.

It’s absurd to waste energy on such futile endeavors. Instead, Azziad’s journey teaches us to stay focused on our aspirations, disregarding the negativity that may come our way.