Azimio Diehard Nuru Okanga Sits For KCPE So As To Qualify to Vie For MCA Seat

Azimio’s die-hard supporter, Nuru Okanga, surprised many when he announced that he would be taking the KCPE 2023 exams.

At the age of 32, Okanga has decided to sit for these national examinations with the intention of running for an MCA (Member of County Assembly) position in the year 2027.

After completing his first paper at Mumias Muslim Primary School, Okanga addressed the press. He explained that he had chosen to undertake the KCPE examinations to obtain a certificate that would make him eligible to compete for the MCA seat in the Warera ward.

He stated, “I informed my supporters that today, Monday, I would be taking an examination, and I thank God that I woke up in good health and arrived at school on time. We started with a mathematics paper. I have decided to go through Standard Eight to obtain a certificate because in 2027, I will be on the ballot. My father passed away early, and I couldn’t pursue an education. I realized I needed to come back, take the exam, and obtain the necessary certification for the MCA position because the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) requires MCA candidates to have a Standard Eight certificate.”

Despite dropping out of school in the third grade, this avid Azimio enthusiast diligently prepared for the exams. He received instruction from a private tutor in the comfort of his home. According to Okanga, his tutor recognized his potential in various subjects, particularly in Kiswahili and Mathematics.

“The teacher saw that I was going to score a hundred percent. He noticed that I was very proficient in Kiswahili, mathematics, and calculations. In fact, I’m a pro at math, and they call me a math wizard. When it comes to calculations, they should be very cautious around me,” the aspiring MCA proudly proclaimed.

Okanga also shared his expectations regarding his KCPE results, saying, “I have been diligently studying past exam papers, and with the experience I have gained, I expect to score around 300 marks, or even 290 would be satisfactory. I don’t aim for too many.”

His ambitions extend beyond the KCPE exams. He envisions joining a high school to sit for the KCSE exams and eventually pursuing tertiary education. His ultimate goal is not just to serve as an MCA but to ascend to the highest office in the land.

“When I reach the age of 64, I plan to run for the presidency. I intend to serve only one term as an MCA and then run for an MP (Member of Parliament) seat. I want to serve in every position once,” he confidently stated.