“Mamangu Alinikataza Stori Za Waluhya”, Ruth K Now Worried As Mulamwah’s Family……

In recent developments, Mulamwah and Ruth K, who have been rumored to be romantically involved despite their public denials, dropped hints suggesting that they are anticipating their first child together.

Both artists shared similar social media posts, alluding to the signs of Ruth’s pregnancy. Addressing concerns, Ruth K has stepped forward to dispel rumors that Mulamwa’s family is pressuring her to terminate the pregnancy, revealing that she is carrying twins, a fact that goes against their cultural norms.

Expressing her worries, Ruth K disclosed that her relationship with her in-laws has soured as she chose to defy their opinions. She lamented, “This is the most challenging moment of my life. They now insist on me aborting the twins, citing cultural reasons, something I find unconventional and absurd.”

She tearfully recounted, “Even my mother advised against it, emphasizing our Luhya traditions.” Meanwhile, actress Caroline Muthoni, also known as Carrol Sonnie, took a satirical dig at her former boyfriend, comedian David Oyando (Mulamwah), in light of swirling rumors about him expecting a child with his close friend, Ruth K.