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Body Of Child Whose Mother Jumped Into a Kirinyaga River Retrieved, Search For Mum continues

In Kirinyaga County, the tragic discovery of a 5-year-old girl’s body has stirred deep sorrow within the community. The distressing incident unfolded as her mother, overcome by despair, plunged into the Nyamindi River with her young daughter.

Johnson Wachira, serving as the Gichugu sub-county police commander, disclosed that the lifeless form of Precious Wairimu was located in Gichogo village late on a Saturday evening. Local residents, engaged in routine activities near the river, stumbled upon the heartbreaking sight of the child’s body floating in the water.

Collaborating closely with concerned locals, Wachira emphasized the ongoing efforts to locate the body of the mother, Maureen Wangui. The 29-year-old woman made the fateful decision to end her life by leaping into the Nyamindi River that same Saturday morning, with her 5-year-old daughter strapped to her back.

Accounts from witnesses shed light on the heartbreaking sequence of events. Stephen Maembe, Wangui’s uncle, revealed that a vigilant watchman stationed at the Kainamoi coffee factory observed Wangui’s sudden plunge into the river and promptly raised an alarm, alerting the authorities.

The tight-knit community of Kabiro-ini finds itself reeling from the shock of this tragedy. Fridah Njoki, Wangui’s grandmother, expressed bewilderment and sorrow, describing Wangui and her daughter as beloved visitors. She struggled to comprehend the motive behind Wangui’s desperate act, portraying her granddaughter as a kind-hearted individual.

The young girl’s remains have been entrusted to the care of the Kibugi funeral home, as the community rallies together in search of closure by continuing the quest to recover Wangui’s body.