“Usikuje Kazi Tena” ;Pastor Nga'ng'a Fires Employee on Live TV (Video).
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“Usikuje Kazi Tena” ;Pastor Nga’ng’a Fires Employee on Live TV (Video).

Neno Evangelism pastor Nga’ng’a has caused a buzz online after he fired one of his male employees on live TV.

The pastor was conducting a Friday night Kesha on Sasa TV after the man married without following the right procedures.

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The seemingly angry pastor said that all his employees are role models and should lead the, hence firing the man to serve as an example.

The man in question is said to have married the lady without the knowledge of her parents.

Nga’ng’a has in the recent past causes an online stir after he rudely blasted a lady who had come to request for her son’s healing.

“Usikuje Kazi Tena” ;Pastor Nga'ng'a Fires Employee on Live TV (Video).

In other news, Pastor Kanyari has continued his online harambee, requesting his followers to contribute a title of not less than Ksh 100 to help in the construction of his new church.

Kanyari’s multi-million building was brought down after it emerged that the land was illegally acquired.

Watch the Video: https://youtu.be/ydvqYc0dcQQ

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