38-year-old woman dies on her wedding day after falling into swimming pool

Tragedy marred what was meant to be a day of celebration as a bride tragically met her demise on her wedding day, succumbing to a fatal accident after falling into a swimming pool during the reception.

Elisangela Gazano, aged 38, had been reveling in the festivities of her wedding at a rented country house in Limeira, São Paulo, on April 14th.

Reports indicate that Elisangela, who was not a proficient swimmer, slipped and fell into the pool while dancing, as confirmed by state officials following the incident.

Mere hours prior to the mishap, Elisangela, a mother of five, had shared a photograph online, capturing her joy as she signed marital documents with her partner, heralding the commencement of their journey together.

Witnesses to the accident, guests at the reception, promptly rushed to her aid, endeavoring to extricate her from the pool while swiftly alerting emergency services.

Despite their courageous efforts, Elisangela suffered cardiac arrest. Regrettably, she was declared deceased upon her arrival at the hospital.

Following her untimely departure, Flavia Silva, a close friend of Elisangela, took to social media to honor her memory. In a poignant tribute, she reflected on their recent interactions, reminiscing about Elisangela’s infectious laughter and warmth.

Expressing condolences to Elisangela’s bereaved family and husband, Flavia acknowledged the profound void left by her passing.

Elisangela’s wedding day was also meant to celebrate her daughter’s birthday, adding a layer of poignancy to the occasion.

Authorities from São Paulo state have since confirmed that Elisangela’s demise stemmed from the pool accident.

Her funeral has been arranged for April 16th, marking a solemn farewell to a life taken prematurely, casting a shadow over what should have been a day brimming with joy and jubilation.