Krg The Don Declines Doing DNA Test

The ongoing saga involving Krg The Don and his alleged Baby Mama Susan Wanjiru Njoki continues to unfold, with both parties yet to reach a consensus on how to address the issue and determine the truth.

During an interview with Spm Buzz, Krg The Don expressed his belief that Yvonne’s mother is attempting to fabricate a situation. He finds her accounts to be nonsensical and views her actions as an attempt to frame him. However, he asserts that deep down, she knows he is not the biological father of Yvonne.

Krg The Don further stated that he is unwilling to undergo a DNA test. He maintains that he has never been involved with Yvonne’s mother and finds her claims to be implausible.

The dancehall artist is willing, however, to offer support to Yvonne if she genuinely requires it. He intends to provide financial assistance for her education, ensuring that she is well taken care of in school. Nevertheless, Krg The Don firmly draws the line at accepting her as his own child. He wishes to avoid being embroiled in trivial controversies, as he believes that everyone now recognizes the falsehoods being propagated by Yvonne’s mother.