“Kuwa malaya ,wazungu are nasty in bed” akothee advises Kenyan girls.

In a now-deleted post, Akothee suggested that her ability to captivate wealthy wazungu men lies in her unconventional approach in the bedroom.

According to her revelations, many wazungu men seek adventurous experiences in bed, with some having specific fetishes and a fascination for bold behavior.

Akothee asserts that a significant number of wazungu males are drawn to women who possess a combination of daring qualities and intellectual acumen, playfully referring to them as “brainy prostitute types.”

Sharing insights from her personal experiences, Akothee humorously remarks, “Wanataka mtu mkitoka kwa kitanda uko na business concept.” She playfully criticizes Kenyan girls for their perceived excessiveness in religious practices, suggesting that they struggle to connect with wazungu men who share similar beliefs.

Having been in relationships with over five wealthy wazungu men, two of whom are the fathers of her children, Akothee positions herself as a reliable source of advice. Implicitly urging Kenyan females to consider her perspective, she raises the question of whether they will adopt her unconventional approach to attract mature wazungu partners.

The future will reveal whether Kenyan women will embrace Akothee’s counsel in their pursuit of relationships with senior wazungu cougars.