Pritty Vishy: From Being Raised By A Single Mother, Deadbeat Dad to A Famous Content Creator

The Biography of Pritty Vishy is very interesting. Things that have happened in her life is just by the grace of God. She has been through alot before becoming famous.

Her past is so painful but she managed to beat all the odds and used the best version of herself to become famous and atleast change her life.

Biography of Pritty Vishy.

Purity Vishenwa is her real name , she is a luhya from Vihiga County. Though she has been raised in Nairobi Kibera slums . She has one sibling who is mentally disabled. She has both parents though they separated while she was still young at the age of 5. Pritty was born in 2001 ( 21years,2022).

Deadbeat Dad .

In an interview with Mungai Eve, Pritty Vishy once narrated the story about her deadbeat father. She said that her dad disowned her when she was 5 years old. He was a very toxic man and he used to cheat on her mother with her aunt.

He used to get intimate with her aunt infront of them. He also used to beat her mother and never provided for the family. So she has been raised by a single mother , who is working in Saudi Arabia. Her grandmother has also played a role in making her great.


She is a form four leaver and she scored C- in KCSE and she is yet to continue with her education. Fame and becoming a content creator has become her career path.

Dating and Marriage Life .

At the age of 21 years, Pritty revealed that she has been married three times . The 1st time was when she was 16 years . All the come we stay marriages failed terribly because those men, just wanted to use her.

She has been into several relationships, however Her relationship with Stivo Simple Boy is the one that made her famous. She separated with Simple Boy in 2022, and decided to date Madini Classics , but it also ended in premium tears.

She also has a history of dating older men and according to her , that is her preference. She said that she won’t date ,till she finds a partner who understands her.

Becoming Famous and Landing into Lucrative Deals.

The relationship between her and Stivo Simple Boy is the one, that made her famous. She came into limelight when a video of her telling Simple Boy to surprise her went viral. She also came out openly to defend Simple Boy and from there people started following her .

Despite being trolled online, she used all the fame to build her brand. Pritty Vishy is now a brand and her social media pages have grown. She now lands into several deals. She has worked with several companies , including Viutravel that even sponsored her on a vacation to Mombasa.

She also run regular adverts on her Instagram page Stories at a fee. Pritty Vishy also owns a clothline , it is doing well and it has helped her to raise money to sustain herself.

She also has a YouTube channel and things are flowing smoothly. She is not broke as she used to. She is living in a furnished apartment and quite a lavish lifestyle.