Nakuru Woman Reportedly Vomits Dead Rat

A strange occurrence has reportedly left Ndaragu village in Njoro, Nakuru County in shock, as a middle-aged woman astonishingly vomited a rat.

According to a report by Citizen Digital, the mother of four had been feeling unwell when she unexpectedly regurgitated a lifeless rat on Wednesday night. The woman explained that she had started experiencing discomfort around midnight, which escalated into bouts of vomiting.

She further revealed that at approximately 3 am, she felt an unusual object stuck in her throat and managed to expel it. To her astonishment, when she examined the contents of the basin she had been vomiting into using a torch, she discovered the motionless rat.

During an interview at the woman’s residence, her father and the village elders expressed their suspicion that the incident might be connected to a recent public altercation involving the woman.

Following the incident, the woman reportedly returned to bed and fell asleep, unaware of the news that quickly circulated throughout the village.

In the morning, word of the peculiar event spread, prompting curious locals to gather in the village after being informed by the woman’s father.

According to Citizen reports, the village elders were making preparations to conduct a ritual in response to the incident.