Meet Mwalimu Yesu, A Luhya Man Who Claims to be Jesus Christ and Has 12 Disciples.

Mwalimu Yesu is a Luhya man who has been making headlines in Kenya for his claim to be Jesus Christ. He has gathered a group of twelve disciples, who he says are the reincarnation of the original twelve apostles, and has been traveling throughout the country spreading his message of love and redemption.

Despite being met with skepticism and criticism from many, Mwalimu Yesu has gained a devoted following among some members of the Luhya community and other Kenyans. He preaches a message of unity and forgiveness, and encourages his followers to reject materialism and focus on spiritual fulfillment.

Mwalimu Yesu’s claim to be Jesus Christ has sparked debate and controversy in Kenya. Some have accused him of being a fraud or a charlatan, while others see him as a spiritual leader and prophet. The government has taken notice of Mwalimu Yesu and his disciples, and some officials have expressed concern about the potential for violence or unrest among his followers.

Despite the controversy, Mwalimu Yesu remains undaunted in his mission to spread his message. He and his disciples continue to travel throughout Kenya, sharing their beliefs and attracting new followers along the way. Whether he is seen as a religious leader or a charlatan, Mwalimu Yesu and his movement have captured the attention of many Kenyans and sparked a lively debate about faith and spirituality in the country.