” Triomio ni Babangu mzazi” A 32 Years Old lady Claims.

Kenya’s drama scene continues to unfold, with new stories capturing attention. Following Krg’s recent headlines about fathering multiple children, the spotlight now shifts to the youngest rapper, Triomio. A 32-year-old woman has emerged, boldly claiming Triomio as her father.

Identified as Ngeus wa Githomo, she confidently asserted her relationship with Triomio in an interview with an online media outlet, alleging his neglect.

However, her claims immediately raised eyebrows due to glaring inconsistencies. Public records indicate Triomio completed high school in 2022 and is merely 18, soon to be 19 in 2023. In contrast, the woman is 32, indicating she was born before Triomio.

Attempting to justify her assertions, the woman attributed her paternity claim to divine intervention, citing parallels with the miraculous conception of the Virgin Mary. Despite the implausibility of her claims, she extended Father’s Day wishes to Triomio, urging him to reconnect with her. Such bizarre narratives underscore the growing trend of clout chasing among Kenyans, where attention-seeking behaviors become increasingly normalized.