Controversy as ‘Shamba La Wanyama’ Actor Isaboke Nyakundi Reveals Why Citizen TV Cancelled the Show

The eagerly awaited television series ‘Shamba la Wanyama’ came to an abrupt and disheartening halt after airing only its inaugural episode, leaving both the cast and audience dismayed.

Lead actor Isaboke Nyakundi recently shed light on the unexpected termination of the show, offering insights into the events behind the scenes that led to its cancellation.

During an interview with SPM Buzz, Nyakundi expressed deep disappointment, disclosing that the cast was informed of the decision to halt the show via a phone call from their producer.

Despite investing months of dedicated effort, including an extensive three-month filming period in Nyahururu, the cast was blindsided by the sudden announcement that the show would be pulled from airing.

“Our time in Nyahururu, collaborating with the locals and sacrificing time away from our families to craft the show, was significant. It’s disheartening that after the premiere episode, we received the call informing us of its cancellation,” lamented Nyakundi.

Attempts to uncover the rationale behind the decision yielded no results, leaving the cast bewildered and disenchanted.

Nyakundi stressed that the lack of transparency surrounding the cancellation only deepened their disappointment.

“It’s precisely as I’ve said—a call came, and the show was axed,” he explained.

Speculation emerged regarding the potential motives behind the sudden cancellation, with Nyakundi suggesting that the show might have rattled some individuals by exposing uncomfortable truths.

“It seems the show may have unsettled certain parties who felt we were revealing their secrets, leading to its cancellation,” he observed. “Often, the truth is unwelcome, and our show dared to confront it,” he added.

Despite the setback, Nyakundi expressed optimism that the reasons behind the cancellation would eventually come to light, offering closure to both the cast and disappointed viewers.

“Kenyans were deprived of quality entertainment, and they, too, are eager for an explanation from the show’s creators,” he concluded.