Andrew Kibe Claims All Guardian Angel Offers Esther Musila Is Good Siex And Diek

Andrew Kibe approached his interactions with Guardian Angel, a well-known Kenyan gospel musician, in a confrontational manner. He consistently expressed his disapproval of Guardian’s decision to marry Esther Musila, who happens to be older than him.

Kibe didn’t hold back when it came to voicing his opinions and engaging in heated exchanges with Guardian Angel. He openly criticized Guardian’s choice of life partner, specifically emphasizing the age difference between him and Esther Musila.

In one of his video sessions, Kibe discussed the current trends in relationships, focusing on the growing phenomenon of men choosing older women as partners in Kenya and around the world.

According to Kibe, one reason behind this shift is that some men who opt for older women may lack strength and financial stability themselves. He argues that these individuals seek a shortcut to success, hoping that being with an older woman will bring them immediate prosperity.

Using Guardian Angel as an example, Kibe suggests that the singer saw value in having a relationship with a 53-year-old woman due to his own financial instability.

Kibe also made a comment about Guardian Angel’s physical appearance, suggesting that due to his perceived lack of attractiveness, he turned to an older woman to support his lifestyle, making a comparison to Shakazulu.

The former NRG radio and Kiss 100 FM presenter believes that a self-respecting and ambitious man, with aspirations for a better future, would not choose to be with an older woman who is unable to conceive.

Kibe also made disrespectful and derogatory remarks about Guardian Angel and Esther Musila’s marriage, stating that at the age of 35, it would be almost impossible for her to conceive, let alone at 40.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Kibe has criticized the relationship between the two lovebirds.