Krg The Don: ” My 11 yr Old  Son Hutumia ksh.50,000 Daily” kila week

Krg the Don, a prominent figure in Kenya known for his achievements as a celebrity, musician, and entrepreneur, has recently ignited a wave of controversy through his candid online disclosures. During an interview with Spm Buzz, he provided insights into the daily spending habits of his eldest son, Neville.

Krg revealed that all his children have become accustomed to a lavish lifestyle, which he attributes to his substantial wealth and ability to fulfill their every desire. Neville, in particular, has been reported to indulge in daily expenditures of up to Ksh. 50,000 on snacks and various items that capture his interest in the market or supermarket.

The musician explained that his children’s opulent lifestyle would be unsustainable without his financial support. Krg emphasized his commitment to ensuring the financial stability of all his children, thanks to his considerable wealth. Additionally, he boldly claimed to be the wealthiest Kenyan musician, boasting ownership of extensive land holdings that he could distribute to fellow musicians and still have an abundance left.

While some may applaud Krg for his generosity towards his children, others may find his statements insensitive, especially considering the economic challenges faced by many Kenyans. Regardless of one’s perspective, Krg’s revelations online have undeniably sparked vigorous debate and discussion.