“Siezi Acha Kunyonga” please help akorino man cries out

Solomon, a Kenyan man, has opened up about his struggle with masturbation after discovering that his girlfriend had cheated on him. In an interview with Wambui Wa Mwangi on YouTube, the Akorino man shared how he had turned to self-pleasure to cope with his heartbreak.

Solomon had joined college after completing his secondary education and fell for a girl whose name he did not reveal. He tried to win her heart and eventually succeeded. However, their love was short-lived after Solomon introduced her to his friend, who slept with her just a week later. Devastated by the betrayal, Solomon sought help from his friends, who suggested he try masturbation to forget about his ex-girlfriend.

He was told he would stop once he got married. However, years later, Solomon still can’t quit the habit. He has tried dating, but finds it too expensive to maintain a relationship. He ends up turning to masturbation to satisfy his sexual desires.

Solomon even turned to prostitutes at one point, but found them too expensive for his budget. Despite seeking help from clergy men, he cannot stop the habit. He warned young men not to fall into the trap of self-pleasure as it can become addictive and difficult to quit.