Inspekta Mwala Lovely Wife And Kids - photos -

Inspekta Mwala Lovely Wife And Kids – photos

Actor Davis Mwambili, better known as Inspekta Mwala, has been a familiar face on our TV screens since the 1990s when he starred in the popular local show Vitimbi. Today, he is known for his role as a police inspector in the local production of the same name.

Aside from his comedic talent, Inspekta Mwala is also a proud and loving father of two, a boy and a girl.

His children bear a striking resemblance to him, and he often shares images of his adorable family on social media. It is clear that he treasures his role as a father and takes great joy in sharing his pride with his followers.

As a father and husband, Inspekta Mwala values spending quality time with his family and ensuring that his children are well taken care of.

His loving and caring nature is just another reason why he is a beloved member of the Kenyan entertainment industry.