“I’m at peace ,I’m dating myself”: Kareh B opens up on being single, healing after heartbreak

During an interview with KTN, the talented singer candidly stated that she is currently single and not actively looking for a romantic partner.

Kareh also opened up about her past heartbreak and emphasized the importance of taking time to heal.

She expressed her contentment with her current situation and revealed that she dates herself and finds peace in loneliness.

“I’m at peace. Just let me be where I am. When you’re heartbroken, you’d rather heal and enjoy the peace before thinking about those things again. Right now I’m dating myself. It’s important to date yourself. Have you ever dated yourself?’ she asked, speaking to Art of Living presenter Nailantei Kenga.

Did Bahati and Kareh B have a date?

Responding to rumors, Kareh clarified that she has never dated singer Bahati, despite a photo they took together sparking speculation.

“I posted a photo of the Churchill show where Bahati was also present. At that time, Bahati was on the rise and our interaction was short-lived. The caption “it was short lived” referred to our time together, not a romantic relationship. We were never an item,” Kareh explained.

Furthermore, Kareh has dismissed claims that she is dating her music partner, Jose Gatutura.

She emphasized that their collaboration, for example, is strictly professional

“We sing and work together. But it’s just work,” she added.