Lulu Hassan Reveals “Bedroom Fights” With Rashid Are The Secret To Happy Marriage

Wahenga walisema, “Mtoto wa kike hapigwi ngumi, mkikosana msikizane mpige kuni!” Lulu Hassan has shared secrets to a happy marriage life.

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla might not be the typical power couple you’d expect. In a recent interview, she revealed a different side to their relationship, one that’s not the picture-perfect image they often show to the public.

Lulu, a mother of three, shared the interesting story of how she and Rashid first met. She explained that Rashid began as a friend during a difficult time when she had lost her mother. He was there to provide a comforting shoulder to lean on.

Over time, Rashid transitioned from being a supportive friend to becoming a vital part of her life, eventually becoming her loving husband. Now, they’re celebrating 15 years of marriage. Lulu expressed it best when she said, “Rashid alikuja kama rafiki kwanza,” meaning that their connection started as a friendship built on mutual support.

She shared, “Unajua ile time mumefiliwa you need a shoulder to lean on and stuff hivyo ndio niliona rashid niliona huyu ni kama baba mwenye nilikuwa sina kwa familia. Hivyo ndio kidogo kidogo tu mapenzi ilikuja na sai tukona watoto watatu na 15 years in marriage.

What makes their marriage unique is their approach to handling disagreements.

Lulu revealed that they never argue openly. If they do have disagreements, they keep them private, only discussing them in their bedroom. These issues don’t carry over into the next day.

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla

“Sisi ni marafiki hatukorofishani na kama tutakorofishana tutakorofishana tutafanya ndani ya room na hataiendelea hadi the next day. Hatujai beba makasiriko to the next day!”

Their approach of “fighting in bed” helps them maintain a peaceful and loving relationship.

Lulu also praised Rashid’s character and dedication to his work.

She described him as a good husband and a great friend. She even remembered a time when they had a “bad” dispute, implying that such incidents were rare and didn’t linger.

She mentioned Rashid’s wisdom, love, and strong work ethic, showing her admiration for his qualities.